We work with small business to find solutions to protecting company data. Tools don’t need to be expensive to be sophisticated and effective. Our toolkit includes mostly open source products for Intrusion Detection Sensor (IDS)/Intrusion Prevention Sensor (IPS) and Firewalls on the network and Web browsers; these products put security in the budget range of your business.

We create comprehensive, understandable policies and perform employee training to build cybersecurity into your workplace culture. Some of the tools that allow us to do that include:

In our work with all types of organizations in a wide variety of industries, we have observed that an effective cybersecurity risk management must include:

Without question, network security is a paramount concern for businesses as new threats appear every moment. The challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are unique, requiring a different approach to developing effective security policies. SMBs are often at greater risk of cybercrime due to a lack of resources.

The reality is that automated scanning techniques and botnets malware don’t care what size the company is. They just search for a chink in the armor to get into the network. Using managed solutions and best practices, small and medium-sized businesses can reduce risks and reduce the attack surface that hackers can exploit.

Security consists of a multi-layers approach. The solutions we provide are built from the ground up to address your business risks and budget.