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AbriSuite’s range of analytical services is focused on helping you deliver enhanced performances based on data and insights. Our cutting-edge analytics solutions essentially help you to unlock the power of data to grow your business.

From understanding customer psychology for your marketing campaigns to analyzing usage to improve service delivery, our analytical services will ultimately help you increase sales and promote business success.

Here are some of the benefits of using our analytical services:

AbriSuite’s analytical services promote more effective marketing especially by providing valuable insights into how specific audience segments will interact with different marketing or digital transformation campaigns.

The insights provided by data analytics generally help you create ads, products or services that match your audience’s interests, thereby leading to more efficient operations.

Analytics Improves service delivery since the insights it provides can be used to tailor experiences for different customer groups.

Improved decision making at all levels due to enhanced understanding of customer needs and concerns.

Our analytical services typically include the following:

Business intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) approach encompasses all the tools, platforms, processes, strategies and visualizations required to convert raw data into actionable insights that influence business decisions. We can help you to improve your data collection across your business and also jointly develop a business intelligence strategy to aid long-term planning and decision-making.

Big Data, ML and AI Data solutions

As an IT Service Provider, we understand the need to leverage business data for competitive advantage. Our Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based data solutions can help you do just that. From helping you optimize your pricing to preventing fraud, we can help you ensure that you are not only collecting and managing essential data but making the most of it.

Top use cases for our Big Data, ML and AI Solutions

Analytic models

Different analytic models would suit different businesses. Our role here is to help you determine which model best suits your business or data analysis challenges and subsequently help you implement the most effective option.

Database management services

From database security considerations to implementing a secure MYSQL database using the most effective architecture, we’ve got you covered. Our database management services are typically aimed at helping you to ensure the highest availability and optimum performance for your database.

AbriSuite’s database management services typically revolve around the following:

Social media and web analytics

The primary aim of our social media and web analytics service is to help you track what your customers do when they visit your website or social media pages. With the coronavirus pandemic leading to uncertainties and rolling waves of lockdowns, our social and web analytics service can help you maintain and monitor engagement with your customers. We can help you set this up very quickly by adding additional code to your website or configuring your social media accounts.

With 97% of businesses currently underutilizing their social and web analytics, we can help you get ahead of the competition. Here are some of the key benefits you can expect from adopting social and web analytics for your business.

Benefits of Social media and web analytics

Measure online traffic

Including where your customers are visiting from and what they’re doing on your website

Bounce rate tracking

To help you understand user experience and even churn rate

Optimize and track marketing campaigns

more effectively

Conversion rate optimization

Competition monitoring

Improved customer relations and engagement

Product/industry trends monitoring

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