The Client: OrganizaTech

OrganizaTech is a tech company that enables customers to improve their internal processes, favour operational efficiency, risk mitigation and information confidentiality, generating value directly for cost reduction and increased productivity.  It needed a platform.

The company was founded in 2017 by professionals with over 15 years of experience developing and implementing solutions for process automation and information management.

The challenge:

With the speed at which decisions need to be made, and with the improvement of remote work, it is impossible to gain scale and maintain the quality of your products and services without your data and processes being structured and controlled.

So OrganizaTech wanted to develop a platform, OrganizaPrime, where entrepreneurs design, create, automate, and manage their company’s processes in a simple and fast way, capturing, organizing, making available for consultation, and managing all the documents and information their team needs.


Our Work: Growing with our Clients

We helped OrganizaTech not only with their platform but also gave assessed their needs to come up with that solution.  

We built a platform where clients can create their business processes and document repositories, manage and monitor online all the activities carried out by your team, and have full access and control of the information and documents that circulate in your company, mitigating the risks related to data loss and leakage.

Without code, it is possible to create a simple vacation request to complex processes involving many people, steps and decisions, with reliability and traceability.

Key Outcomes

1. Quick Search

Finding documents and information with ease is as important as performing activities. They have several resources to help clients search, like voice search, keyword search and filtering by ID, company or user.

Smart navigation enables quick access to other documents and correlated information, where fields from different repositories and business processes can be mapped to match values, facilitating user access without performing a new search, such as accessing the documents and information that make up a dossier.

2. Smart Navigation

3. History

A platform that allows the delivery of documents and information safely to all employees who need them for more assertive decision-making must have at their disposal a record of all the steps by which these documents and information were submitted during their qualification.

To define the roles and responsibilities of employees with the platform, it is necessary to create access groups. Users can only be granted access privileges upon membership in the access group.

Clients can assign permission to execute tasks and view fields and work queues. Users can participate in one or more access groups, having their licenses added together.

4. Access Control

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