The Solution

Our security solution takes a three-prong approach to help keep your business secure.

The Technical Components

A managed server or appliance is installed at your office, to help locally secure your network. The Abrisuite device containts all of the critical components required to manage your network and keep your data secured. If your office or budget doesn't allow for a dedicated local device, we create a virtual device for you in the cloud and link your office to that.

The Experts

Our team of staff with dedicated security equipment, software and training centrally monitor all of our client's appliances and networks.

The Training

Training is designed to meet your business needs and deployed to the weakest point in the security chain - your staff. 9 in 10 security breaches start with users rather than computer equipment.

Historically, there have been just two comprehensive solutions to commercial grade security:

Off The Shelf, Expensive

Commercial Products

Buy expensive commercial products that reduce the amount of time highly specialized IT security personnel needs to spend to keep your business secure, or;

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Affordable, Customized

Open Source Solutions

Use Open Source software that requires much more time from highly specialized IT security personnel.

This second model is not cost effective either, because IT security employees are in such demand that their salaries are high.

Alternatively, if you had a lot of locations, you could drive down the cost on a per location basis, sharing centralized work across more sites. But having many locations is not the usual make-up of a small business.


But Abrisuite uses this model! We do share centralized work across all of our clients’ sites, making security affordable for businesses like yours.

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