Nine out of ten attacks start with Users. From social engineering to reusing passwords that have been leaked. User training is critical to security.

Most security breaches start with people. After all, compromising your business by purely electronic means is harder than just pretending to be a new hire by phone, and asking for an email password to be reset. The hacker now has easy access to your business from the inside. While this is a very simple example, one of the more common types of this attack (CEO Fraud) was reported at USD 5.3 BILLION by the FBI in May of 2017. And it’s still on the rise, doubling the number of attacks about every six months, according to the FBI.

There are also user actions that can circumvent complex security solutions on the computers if they are not trained. Security is an ever-changing situation. It’s a constant cat and mouse game with criminals. They are always trying to find new ways to compromise your systems, your business, and your employees.

By providing relevant, constantly changing security training, Abrisuite helps close the loop on security for your business. No security solution is a single component. A technical solution is like closing the front door with a high grade lock. But not having personnel training leaves your back door wide open.

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