Design Thinking and the Double Diamond: Discover and Define

With design thinking popularity on the rise, it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so complicated, as long as you understand what each part of the process means! Here we’ll discuss the difference between the discover and define aspects of the Double Diamond approach and why they matter to your business success.

What is Design Thinking

If you’re familiar with Design Thinking, you probably recognize its Double Diamond framework. The double diamond is designed to guide organizations through two phases to create products that people want. Why is it called a double diamond? Because there are four different stages in design thinking: planning, discovering, defining, and delivering.

Design Thinking: Discovery Phase

The discovery phase aims to develop empathy for users by digging in deep to understand their challenges, desires, problems, etc. Most often, designers are iterating on how they ask questions to gain insight into what people want or need in a particular context.

A well-designed research process can generate more value than a brilliant idea alone. Understanding your user’s environment will provide you with deeper insights into how you can help them achieve their goals and why your product exists.

Defining or Prototyping Phase

The definition phase is your opportunity to discover new information, redefine assumptions, validate solutions, get buy-in from key stakeholders and partners, nail down what the deliverables are going to be and work with a broad range of people (employees, suppliers, customers) who will help bring your project to life.

The design thinking process has three phases that closely resemble the double diamond model, so it is worth explaining how they map. We can say that the first phase in design thinking is where you discover or collect information. In the second phase, you define or prototype what you are going to create by bringing all of that information together to be used in creating something new.

Abrisuite’s Signature System

Abrisuite’s design thinking application begins with our Signature System, a method we have developed to improve the originality of our client’s products. Design thinking helps create better outcomes because it focuses on what customers need instead of what they want.

We transform your way of looking at a possibility. In the first phase, imagination, use empathizing, conceiving and defining to change limiting beliefs into inspiration – so you can go to the discovery phase. We take a previously reacting approach to invent a product or service and turn it into a strategic approach. This way, you can find what is better for your client.

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