The Different Types of Salespeople and How They Help Your Company

We all know that different jobs need different types of skills. That is why not everyone that is a good software engineer makes a good manager and vice versa.

The notion that some people behaved differently when pursuing objectives was not born in sales. In the book “Attention Deficit Disorder: a Different Perception”, psychologist Thom Hartman found that some people could quickly change their focus and external attention and maintain many trains of thought. He believed that this is a behaviour shared with our hunter’s ancestors.

However, people without these characteristics would thrive in a structured, consistent, and organized system. Those showed more resemblance with farmers. Management and sales theorists perceived that and applied this theory to salespeople.

Today, there are many different kinds of profiles besides hunters and farmers in the sales world that can be equally successful. Let’s learn more about them.



If you have a picture in your mind about how a salesperson should be, you may be thinking about someone that is more like a hunter. They are called like this because of their nature of going after clients. They are innovators, optimists, go-getters and very flexible.

They are very valuable for new businesses and companies that have a short portfolio. Valuing gain over risks and going out of their way to close a sale, a person like this will help you sell fast to many customers.



Farmers can get a bad reputation in sales. For many starting businesses, that need to sell fast, they may not fit the profile. Yet, farmers are very good at nurturing customers and help to upsell a portfolio.

You can think of a farmer as a friend of the client. They are known for being collaborative, detail-oriented, cautious and patient. They will always keep in contact with your customer and show the best services and products.



“No matter how you structure your sales team, you need to organize customers.”


Similar to hunters, trappers are also focusing on closing sales. However, instead of aiming at a large number of clients, they know exactly where to aim and how to place “traps” carefully.

They may be very good at working with paid media and planning. Typically, a trapper is a company owner or works with marketing. They don’t mind farming and keeping clients, but hunting isn’t for them.


Gatherers are comparable to farmers. However, they are more strategic, know their territories, and usually have excellent working relationships with high-quality firms. They are recognized as trusted advisors and are actively working on expanding the account. They are not only friends with the clients but with providers and the company itself.

In any market competition, a Gatherer has a major advantage, and even smaller or niche rivals will be difficult to defeat if you have the value of an exclusive partnership. They will thrive as an account owner.

Investing in the right tools for your sales team

No matter what type of salesperson you are, you may benefit from a Customer Relationship Manager.

Relying on e-mail and phone calls may still be needed. But you can quickly see new leads as well as ongoing accounts in a CRM.

No matter how you structure your sales team, you need to organize customers. If you just started, you may think it is not the time to invest in new software. But as your business grows, an automated way of keeping your contact list is a must. So organizing this from the beginning may help you.

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