Three Reasons to Opt for a Custom Website Over a CMS

Are you considering making a new website for your business? Maybe you already have one but need to modernize it, or you need to build an entirely new one. Today, there are more than a few options to start building a website from scratch. One option, of course, is hiring a professional team to do this for you. But there is the cheapest route: using a CMS.

A Customer Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is a type of tool that turns website making into a drag and drop project. CMS is easy to use and has all of the functionality you would expect from a completely functioning website.
However, the problem with a CMS is that these solutions are limited, and when business grows, they may need to change their website completely so they can provide their customers with more support.
But why should you opt to make your website with a professional instead of using a CMS yourself? Check out three reasons we listed below:

Search Engine Optimization

Any company that starts building an online presence will eventually know by heart this acronym: SEO. A custom website guarantees a good indexation on Google because it will have a clean code. This means no unnecessary tags and frames that you don’t even see in the final product. Because Google will find you, this means your customers will find you either.

Data security

Especially for e-commerce platforms, there are better security protections on a custom website in the face of potential cyber-attacks. It is also your responsibility to provide all protection levels to secure your content and consumer data. In contrast, in a custom CMS, this part is in the hands of the company that created the program for the plugins, and they do not necessarily make any of the appropriate or usable steps public.

Have a team of specialists on your side

Many companies indeed use CMS to build client websites. However, not only the tools built for companies are more powerful and customizable, but they are also accompanied by the expertise of people with years in web design marketing.

Abrisuite’s Solution

AbriSuite provides our clients with customized solutions in WordPress-based websites that allow full customer ownership, flexibility, and portability.
Are you ready to make your website? Find more about AbriSuite’s web solutions: https://www.abrisuite.com

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