Three ways automation will help your business

Automating the manufacturing process in a business may help a company to reach higher levels of productivity and efficiency while also improving product quality and revenues.

Automated systems function with little or no human intervention. Assembling, processing, inspecting, and managing materials may be laborious to humans but are simple tasks for these systems.

In 2017, McKinsey & Company did extensive research about automations’ potential. The data showed that 64% of working hours on manufacturing-related activities globally were automatable, or 2.7 trillion dollars could be eliminated or repurposed.

Of course, this presents a broader overview of how automation can help the industry, but it can also help your business to go further. Want to learn how? Check out this list we have prepared for you.

1. Workspace safety

Safety has always been a major issue for manufacturers, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. On-the-job injuries have been steadily decreasing for years, much of which is due to machines and robots performing all the heavy lifting, taking over monotonous jobs, and removing the need for workers to work in dangerous situations. Although automation is not the only option to increase safety in the production environment, it does reduce the risk of accidents.

2. Improve product quality

It’s possible to enhance your production using automation if you have real-time data on your items. This will help you to identify any defective components in your products and replace them as needed. Automation lowers the failure rate percentage and improves the consistency and conformance of automated processes.

Furthermore, automation can aid in the completion of seemingly difficult manual activities that frequently need higher precision and accuracy. Manufacturers may expect a much shorter production lead time and a higher total rate of production using machines and robots that can do more jobs in less time than typical manual choices.

rafael juarez hTUdXgbhd3o unsplash
Automation can improve workplace safety. Photo by Rafael Juárez on Unsplash.

3. Solve supply issues

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the need for supplies in almost every company. While most of them saw a decline in demand, industries linked to health and entertainment were rising, meaning that some supply chains based in many countries became too slow.

This report on the Harvard Business Review explains how automation can solve this problem: “it is becoming more practical to return off-shored production to higher-cost countries”.

Robotics may drastically cut the amount of labour required to prepare items for transportation, and automated optical inspection systems for quality control will rapidly pay for themselves.

Apart from the supply, Covid-19 impacted the labour force greatly, but thankfully, automation can also help with the shortage in human resources.

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