The client: BT CertiCentre

BT CertiCentre is a virtual certification center focused on business and digital transformation themes. They understand that digital transformation is essential to achieve business growth and that employees are at the center of this.

Their goal is to provide access to the most sophisticated international certifications on business and digital transformation for the acknowledgment of competence and expertise to business and technology professionals all over the world.

Abrisuite was asked to help them with this goal, and so this case study was born.

Our work: Building an Integrated Platform

Abrisuite’s team started working with BT CertiCentre at the very beginning. As a certification center, their hosting needs are a website and a complex platform that allows for tests to be made inside their environment, offering secure billing options and integrating monitoring via webcam and browser limitations to ensure test suitability.

Beyond building this platform, Abrisuite became part of the project, offering continued support to new certifications that may arise. While BT CertiCentre is focused on digital transformation, partners are invited to submit their custom certifications.

Our task was to ensure user-friendliness and broad scope for as many certifications as possible. Representatives from BT CertiCentre and the developer our developers were involved in developing a scalable system that would fit their needs.

This is only one of the applications system integration may have. Every business has its own needs.

Are you in need of a platform? Abrisuite has to experience building different e-commerce platforms, offering virtual or retail goods.

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