Why is Cloud Storage a good idea?

Cloud technology has created a revolution for small businesses, changing the way they store, share and back up files. Although ‘the cloud’ is often difficult to understand because it is not in the sky or in a single location, there is no arguing that it is driving growth at all levels. Storage concerns are a thing of the past, as small businesses like yours embrace the flexibility, cost savings and protection of cloud solutions. We did the research for you and identified 5 ways in which small businesses benefit from change.


1º  – It’s cheaper
The budget is always a limiting factor for companies, many of which are further constrained by pressure from above. Some consider investing in cloud solutions to be a huge expense that can be postponed indefinitely. In most cases, however, switching to cloud storage costs a fraction of the price. Compared to server maintenance and power, scaling for emergency follow-up and repair, cloud storage offers extraordinary. With a decision, you get access to the latest infrastructure and dedicated support, as well as a healthier financial result. Cloud solutions were specifically designed to meet your needs, which means you only pay for what you use. Shared costs while benefits continue to increase, a clear advantage for budget-conscious companies.

2º  –  Is safe
Many people like to have their data where they can see it. But this is not always the safest option. Natural disasters seem more frequent than ever, as invasions are a concern and employees are always losing laptops and phones, or are stolen. However, more often, someone simply makes a mistake and deletes important files or accidentally infects the system with malware. Cloud storage mitigates each of these risks, with storage in ultra-secure locations, protected from disasters and committed to robust backup systems. – 

“Particularly in recent times, we have seen many small businesses survive because of ransomware simply due their data protected in the cloud with clean backups available.”

cloud storage

3º –  Is compatible

We know that medical companies and services need to follow certain criteria with regard to patient data. This includes security and data integrity, as well as backups and auditing. Many cloud providers recognized this need from the start and offered guarantees of compliance. Therefore, they remain standard with changing criteria, often implementing new requirements before you even hear about them. With cloud storage systems, you essentially reduce your compliance workload and let your provider worry.


4º  – Is portable

One of the main benefits of cloud storage is its ability to collaborate remotely. In the past, this would involve multiple copies of the file that needed to be merged again, often confusing employees as to what the “right” file was. Employees can work on a file in the office and then securely access the same file. your smartphone, laptop or other location, without the need to purchase additional software or worry about version corruption, sharing and collaborating becomes easier, more desirable and more secure.

5º –  It is easy to migrate

One of the biggest concerns we hear is that it will be very complicated to move to cloud solutions all at once. It’s all right. We don’t have to do everything in one day, we can migrate in parts. For example, you can move your email to a cloud or just remote file storage. As your various servers and systems age or need repair, they can help you move each one to a cloud, which means your downtime is minimal or non-existent. You can also actively choose a hybrid approach to maintain your legacy applications without pressure to move them to a cloud. Our technicians can help ensure smooth integration across your business, ensuring that all of your systems work seamlessly, whether internally or in the cloud.

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