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Digital Transformation

Leveraging the business by creating differentiation and greater efficiency at lower costs

Acting as an Integrator, Abrisuite looks for the best solutions so that your company or organization can be more competitive, grow and prosper. Abrisuite focuses on the central management and operational problems and needs of its client, identifying more appropriate digital transformation opportunities that can, in fact, leverage the business, whether by creating differentiation or greater efficiency at lower costs.

Services and Projects

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Implementation of e-commerce and payment services

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Implementation of integrated management systems

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Social network management services

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Customer Relationship Management solutions

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Service automation through chatbots solutions

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Analytical services

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Automation of operational, administrative processes

Digital Maturity Level

While some perennial capabilities and skills are required for business success – investment, leadership, culture, change management, governance – digital transformation requires new capabilities that organizations need to acquire and develop mastery.

With most organizations now at least a year into their digital transformation journeys, many look to measure progress, gauge maturity, and benchmark against peers in their industry. The key questions are how to assess this maturity, the key pillars and elements of maturity, and which capabilities are new and different compared to business.

Digital transformation is a broad subject that requires competency across strategy and vision, people and culture, process and governance, and technology and capabilities.

Key Pillars of Digital Transformation

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Strategy & Vision

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People & Culture

Abrisuite DT ProcessGovernance

Process & Governance

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Technology & Capabilities

Digital transformation is clearly a journey, not a destination, so even once you reach maturity across all dimensions, there will be a need for continuous innovation and rapid response to change, and to challenges and opportunities as they arise. One of the benefits of moving along the maturity curve is that you can essentially incorporate next-generation skills and capabilities so that agility becomes an intrinsic part of the organization’s operating model. For example:

Platform business models enable rapid growth and changes to the ecosystem because they rely on external producers and consumers to provide the actual – physical or digital – products, services and social currency that enable them to scale up and achieve critical mass very quickly.
Digitally re-designed business processes have a number of characteristics that enable them to trump traditional processes by being experience-centric, automated, simplified, digitized, personalized, dynamic, real time, granular, aggregated, and scalable.

Techniques such as agile and DevOps enable organizations to iterate rapidly in terms of experimenting with new features, or even entirely new service offerings, and quickly place applications into production once they are developed.

The overall concept of digital service mastery helps to accelerate digital service development and deployment; makes services agile, scalable, and available on demand; automates extensively; personalizes and contextualizes for the customer experience; and enables holistic management of the entire process. Innovation programs that are highly adapted and fine-tuned to support digital transformation initiatives can embrace the same operating principles – that is, lean, agile, flexible, efficient, and more – so they can be executed at speed and at scale.

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