We know you have questions about our solution. That’s why we’ve rounded up the most popular ones and answered them in detail.

Getting Started

One of the first questions we get is “Can it be any good if it’s that cheap?”  The definitive answer is yes.  We sell a version of an enterprise grade solution to companies, making a comprehensive security solution affordable to most small businesses.  Rather than selling a single component of a solution to make it seem affordable while leaving security holes you could drive a virtual bus through, we address all aspects of security while considering your budget.  You can read more HERE on our Affordable Security Model.

Initial Setup is fairly quick, and offers a substantial improvement for most networks the moment it’s turned on.

Full deployment of a complete solution with Data Leak Protection and Endpoint Protection can take 30-60 days, as it is an intensive process to find all of your confidential data that needs to be protected.  The duration of this time depends on each individual business, and the level of coverage desired.

We understand that business needs change over time, and allow for clients to dial up or down their plans at any time.  The only extra fees you may incur are related to customization done for your specific business.  Data Leak Protection for example requires configuration to match your exact business.  If work is done for the configuration of DLP and spread across multiple months to help control monthly fees for a customer, then any remaining balance would still need to be paid.

Security needs are different for different businesses.  While we suggest the complete protection suite for all businesses, we know that’s not always practical.  The core level of service offers all of the critical components every company needs.  Additional tiers and extra products and services are offered so you can have an entire solution that meets all the needs of your business in a single package.


Abrisuite offers two installation options:

  1. A self install with full documentation.  Suitable for your own in-house or trusted IT provider, or;
  2. A managed installation.  Depending on your geographic region either our own IT professionals will come complete your installation, or one of our installation contract companies will.  Either way, it’s all taken care of for you.

There are always a minimum of two installation times scheduled.  Even if everything goes perfectly, many people don’t realize things may change when they put in high levels of security.  The second installation time is to make sure every customer has all the answers and details they need to work productively.

Customers that opt for higher levels of security or compliance based options may have additional components that need to be configured, and training that needs to take place.  This can result in multiple “installation” appointments since Abrisuite considers the entire process an “Installation” until the job is really complete.

Absolutely.  If you have an IT person that is able to understand the systems and processes within the appliance, they are more than welcome to do your internal configuration.  Abrisuite can provide assistance and configuration information they may need to complete this task properly.

All configuration which relates to communications with Abrisuite is only handled directly by Abrisuite.  This is the only portion of the installation they may not complete.

If you’re technically savvy it is not unreasonable to install the physical hardware into your network.

As for the software components, that’s another story.  For the most part, you cannot configure the appliance.  Unless you have a firm understanding it IT infrastructure and security, the installation process is not end-user friendly. 


Up front costs of the basic package do not include any software costs.  You are paying for the hardware (which you can own or rent) and we are simply installing and configuring all of the Open Source software for you.  There are of course also commercial software components that are licensed.

With both initial setup and ongoing management, you are paying for the time it requires to set up and maintain your device for your business.

Yes.  All of the products we use have commercial support available from other companies.  You may opt for this redundant commercial support without any detriment to the solution Abrisuite provides.

There are commercial products available for any or all of the functions that Abrisuite provides.  The cost tends to be substantially higher, and changes the value proposition for our solution.  For a small office moving to the most affordable of all commercial product versions of the open source solutions*  the monthly cost goes up by over 500%.  To go to all commercial products that do not have Open Source or similar models, the cost goes up by over 3,800%.**

* Open source software installed in the “Enterprise” or “Commercial” mode with license.  Still managed within the standard abrisuite offering, and able to take advantage of distrbuting work done by the core team across many customers.

**Cost increase of commercial products includes amortizing capital expenditure software purchases over 3 years, monthly maintenance fees charged by the software vendors, and higher labour fees spent managing solutions that are not built on the One-to-Many model that allows for substantial security professional cost reduction by overhead sharing.

The core functionality of the solution will continue with or without a management subscription.  If you own the related hardware you can continue using it.  If you rent the hardware, it must be returned or purchased if you cancel your service.  The issue is that security is a moving target.  While your device will continue work without restriction, it will require ongoing management to keep secure.  Please make sure you hire a security professional to manage your solution if you cancel your subscription.  A security network which is not managed is not secure.


As a subscription service, abrisuite accepts EFT, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Payment by invoice is an option  for customers that are not able to subscribe to monthly billing services.  Invoiced services may billed annually rather than monthly.  Invoices may be paid by Cheque, Wire Transfer, EFT, Cash, Interac, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If your partner either bills you directly, or provides you with initial deployment documentation that carries their brand, then they are your primary support point.  If the documentation is from abrisuite then contact us for all of your issues.

Abrisuite does not offer free trials.  You may contact us for a demo.

Contact Us

We are always available to help you out. Whether it’s a support issue, a question about a product of ours, or any other query, we are here to respond to your request.

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