Four things you should do to maintain profit with an officeless operation

The arrival of Covid-19 has brought a lot of changes to our day-to-day lives, particularly at work. Not only did we start operating from home, but certain businesses had to experience a slight shift of focus. Here at Abrisuite, for example, we have extended our IT and cyber security solutions to support other organizations in transition.

For many people working remotely, holding digital meetings and leaving job travel was the only way to stay working. Companies adhered to this “new normal” very easily, but there are aspects that could have gone unnoticed by certain administrators. That’s why I wanted to speak a bit about the effect of this accelerated digitalization on companies. So, what’s the larger risk that management might be looking for?

Are we secure?

If once we used only our work computers and logged in in our companies wi-fi and intranet, Now that everyone is working from home, not only are the workers decentralized, but the cyber security is as well.
Unlike our personal files, corporate files are more likely to contain sensitive materials, it is possible that security measures have only been thought inside office walls. When all this started in March 2020, some businesses may have chosen to provide their staff with laptops and VPNs to promote security.
But still, it is very likely that certain sectors have just gone down the simple route of placing important files in a cloud service so that we can operate quicker. Unfortunately, this second theory is supported by statistics that state that fraud has increased during quarantine and that phishing attacks increased 350% in March alone.
Fortunately, with more and more businesses opting to remain officeless, remote cyber security is becoming easier to accomplish. This means that it is time to invest more in technology, IT and professionals that will help the company stay remote, safe and profitable.

4 Things you can of the right now

By now, you might have already learned how much remoteness will save costs. If you have a great cyber security base and are digitizing your operations, chances are you’ll soon be able to have a full digital business.
I have picked a few tips that I think my fellow company owners will benefit from when operating their businesses this year.

Review your tech

The thing about technology is that it’s evolving all the time. What was fresh and effective last month might not be like that right now. But with circumstances changing so rapidly, how can you make a difference now and when?

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It's like a steam train - but someone will always miss them

That’s why, in 2021, business will depend even more on IT. IT is no longer an isolated field in the workplace, where our desperate workers took their machines to be repaired. While professionals are learning that everybody can benefit from learning a little bit about coding, every business will also benefit from an expert in IT who understands how every segment of your industry functions. They’re going to say what’s better for you and your budget, and when’s the time to buy a fresh and shiny device.

Learn to hire remote

Count yourself fortunate if you didn’t have to make your first video interview last year. Hiring isn’t an easy work, and doing so entirely remote is like a whole new thing. So, for 2021, this is one of the processes that needs to be a priority.
Getting remote staff and consultants comes with a range of advantages. You will get the best experts in the world. But you will have to ask them to conform to your time zone and plan for a detailed interview and evaluation process. Start by selecting your video conference method, as it should be the same one you’re using with your current workers. Corporate culture is also a must that you have to nurture. And don’t fail to deliver the rewards of foreign workers, such as flexible hours and a higher pay.

Invest in digital marketing

The best part of operating remotely is that your customer list will also grow. But to reach out to potential clients, you need to invest in marketing. Offline marketing is not going to do the trick here. The principle is the same: you need recommendations from committed customers, and you need to show that people need your product or service. That said, digital marketers have a few tricks that can help you do well on Google searches and find potential clients faster.

"Digital marketers have a few tricks that can help you do well on Google searches and find potential clients faster."

Be Flexible

This may be the tougher suggestion to follow. Focusing on technologies, HR and marketing can be achieved with good talent and experts on your side. But it all happens really quickly online, so being flexible and adaptable towards change is a quality that can save you a lot of headaches.
Of course, being flexible doesn’t mean you don’t have to be prepared for emergencies. On the opposite, it is nice to have a lot of options for unknown scenarios. It is also important to keep the team and staff updated and well trained. Being versatile here means that you don’t have to freak out if things don’t go exactly as expected, because they probably won’t. 

Are you ready to make a complete digital change? How is remote work going on for you and your company? Feel free to reach me to discuss about the solutions Abrisuite can have for your company.

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