Increasing ROI with Abrisuites’ Automation services. How does it work?

In order to better understand Abrisuites’ digital transformation services that are multiplying the ROI (Return of Investment) on a large scale, let’s look at the economic scenario, and the strategies that successful companies are using when facing it, to overcome this crisis with even more ROI than before.

Current economic scenario in Canada

According to data released by Statistics Canada, Canada’s annual inflation rate hit 7.7 per cent for the month of May 2022, the highest level seen in 4 decades.
When inflation is reaching these levels, some Canadians may be concerned of an upcoming economic decline and eventual recession.
Based on Michael Vealls’ (an economics professor at McMaster University of Hamilton) interview with CTVNews.ca, there is both good and bad news, starting with the first, the country isn’t currently in a recession, but we’re still in a period of bounce-back growth from the pandemic.

Understanding Cost Savings Strategies

Whenever there is a lack of money, companies tend to think about cutting budgets, but they need to be very careful with the decisions they make as some budgets are vital for the success of the company.
You may have had the experience of seeing a company cutting budgets and immediately going bankrupt, that means they didn’t know what they were cutting, like cutting the roots of a tree thinking that it won’t affect the leaves, we cannot allow that to happen.
In other words, cost savings are generally the primary goal, as potential headcount reductions to spending, but most companies acknowledge that there are extra benefits even greater than those cost savings when it comes to improving the company processes and volume production.
In fact, cost savings is the right place to start, and most businesses start by viewing automation and AI (artificial intelligence) as a cost reduction initiative that can save significant amounts by reducing the valuable time spent on transactional and manual tasks.

Automation benefits as Cost Savings Strategies

At Abrisuite we are aware that Automation reduces human errors and risk and frees up employees so they can do more interesting work, which engages them even more. Customer service is also improved, providing faster responses and a better result.
Automation benefits:

Lower operating costs: Machines and Artificial Intelligence can perform the work of three to five employees, depending on the task. Also, the energy bill is lowered in automated operations. Robots increase accuracy, which means less material lost in your production.
Worker safety: Automation avoids having workers on dangerous tasks. Your employees lives and security are very important and will also help to retain more talents.
Raises ROI: Abrisuites’ Automation solutions are based on your unique requirements and objectives and pay for themselves due to lower operating costs, reduced waste, increased production and more.
Ability to be more competitive: Automation and AI allow your company to decrease cost-per-piece while improving quality, and therefore allows you to compete on a global market.
Maximum production output: A machine can work constantly, unattended, 24/7, meaning that your business is able to produce more.
Improved planning: Consistent production by machines allows a business to reliably predict timing and costs. This permits a tighter margin on almost any project.
Easy integration: Abrisuite will work with you to provide a complete system – hardware, software and controls included.
Some business processes can be fully automated, end-to-end, but there will always be some tasks that requires employees in a lower scale to perform administration and maintenance labors.

How does Automation boost your company ROI?

ROI is increased once a company identifies the places where automation can be implemented. As an example, an insurance broker uses automation to extract over 200 different terms from the inconsistent insurance quotes that arrive via email in PDF format. These terms are automatically structured and lined up in customer-ready proposals that are retrieved to provide side-by-side comparisons across different insurance carriers. In their first year of using automation, they achieved a 400% ROI.
In the same direction, Global manufacturer Bosch is saving around half a million dollars a year by automating some of the management of their thousands-strong network of suppliers. It ensures that suppliers are up to date with their certifications, assuring that all data regarding those suppliers across all their different systems of record is updated, and analyzing service agreements with each of them, verifying if the terms are in line across the supplier network.
Reducing manual data entry tasks can release your employees from spending a huge amount of time performing basic tasks. As another example, Dentsu Aegis Network, a digital media agency, decreased close to 70% of the manual labor involved in the financial report of high-volume ad buys. Prior to automating the workflow, around 50 creative marketing professionals were spending time performing basic data entry. Having that task automated, they can spend their valuable time on increasing the effectiveness of ad campaigns and bringing success to the company.

How much can I potentially save with automation processes?
No matter which type of automation you are looking for, each offers incredible benefits, quantifiable and qualitative.
Regarding cost savings, Deloitte Company reported that intelligent automation has been amazing for businesses by reducing operating costs, streamlining business workflows, and increasing the production level. In these businesses automation savings were between 25% and 40% for those implementing the technology.

How Abrisuite is Bringing Industrial Automation to Small and Medium Manufacturers?
Abrisuite implements integration projects for Industrial Automation, Robotization, and Digital Technology applications.
Some Abrisuite Study Cases:
Juice Factory: Abrisuite designed a journey 4.0 master plan covering ERP Integration, Operation Technology solutions, Industrial Automation, Networks and smart field elements specification. Consulting service for Farm, Logistics, and Factory transformation in operation process, information systems, organization, and people.

Food Company: Abrisuite provided a Manufacturing Execution System to support an industrial plant and ERP Integration, Operation Technology solutions, Networks and smart field elements specification.

Supply Chain Reintegration: Abruisuite implemented a Full Operation Digitalization solution for an Industry Oil Plant covering the smart field sensor configuration to the ERP. Business Consulting, PMO Services, SAP Customization, TraceLink Implementation, Logistic Execution System Custom Applications, and Warehouse Special Fixture Research.

Book a no obligation consultation call. Abrisuite industrial automation, process automation and custom software solutions can transform the way you lead your business.

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