Prices are for our basic service offerings. Customized solutions are available upon request for environments requiring specialized security solutions.

Monitoring & IDS/IPS

Monitoring is the core of any security solution. It’s not possible to manage what you can’t see. Intrusion Detection and Prevention is the component that inspects your traffic and detects and blocks malicious activities. Monitoring and IDS/IPS is the core of all security solutions and included in every tier of security.


DLP or Data Leak Prevention software is highly customized to each client site. It has to be configured to know what is confidential data, and where that data resides. It will then actively prevent data from being removed from your network. If data does get leaked, DLP software is the way you can tell that you had a breach of data before reading about it in the news.

Custom Solutions

While the bulk of our value proposition comes from providing professional offices the most cost effective security possible, we also understand that there are always exceptions to the rule. Either with our own in-house security experts, or by working with outside agencies, abrisuite can help provide a seamless security solution for your business in virtually any situation.


Abrisuite is affordable and transparent in it’s pricing.  Open source products that require skilled professionals to use effectively are shared among many customers.  We bring economies of scale to make high value employees affordable for small offices with limited IT resources.  We balance between cost of commercially licensed products, and the time difference and effectiveness of open-source products, and put together a complete security solution an a price that seems unreasonably cheap by comparison to our competitors.

Tier 1

Standard Security without DLP
$ 250
  • Example cost for 4 PC/PoS Restaurant and Office
  • $299 Setup*. $250 Monthly. Includes Firewall, Fully Managed Monitoring, IDS/IPS, Security Awareness Training, and Endpoint Security.

Tier 2

Complete Security with DLP
$ 950
  • Example cost for 12 person Real Estate Law Office
  • $5,999 Setup*. $950 Monthly. Includes Firewall, Fully Managed Monitoring, IDS/IPS, Training, Endpoint Security with patch management and DLP.


Bespoke Security
  • Fully customizable to suit your individual business needs
  • Pricing depends upon environment. Provides security for both regular users, and publicly accessible servers. Fully customized.

Additional Services


Add-On Backups

Backup offsite using Acronis Backup, or similar. Consumer and Commercial grade plans are available to meet your backup needs.


Remediation Service

Many clients look for solutions after they have suffered a breach. Some just don't know what is on their network before they try to get secure. Let our consultants get you back on track when things haven't gone well. We can help with any scale, from simply making sure your systems patched to full scale disaster recovery.


Security Audits

Our Auditors also supply companies such as PwC with Auditing services. We can also coordinate with your for external audits as you require them.

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