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The Abrisuite Social Network Management solution goes beyond managing your enterprise social media accounts. We generally focus on services that allow you to securely increase your visibility to potential customers. From LinkedIn to Facebook and Twitter, our social network management services aim to help you to define and execute a strategy for growing and interacting with your audience across the digital landscape.

Benefits of Social Network Management

Enhanced brand image

Let’s help you enhance your overall brand image via your social networks.

Increased sales

Social Network management, when executed successfully, will ultimately help you to increase sales, especially via digital channels.

Strong relationship building

By focusing on relationship building, social network management will ultimately help you to develop more influence over your customers and keep them loyal.

Analytic models

Different analytic models would suit different businesses. Our role here is to help you determine which model best suits your business or data analysis challenges and subsequently help you implement the most effective option.

What we cover

Here’s what social network management with AbriSuite looks like:

Social audit and risk identification

Our Social Network Management service can help you perform an audit of your social network landscape to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Social Media Strategy

We can help you develop a social media strategy that focuses on understanding your customers and making the most of their relationship with your business.

Impact analysis

This service will involve the grading or prioritization of different social network risks and how a breakdown in these areas is likely to impact your business.

Risk mitigation

At this stage, we essentially design and set up controls for mitigating different social network risks.

Awareness and training

This is typically geared towards improving awareness of the different risks associated with social network management as well as internal training.

How do we do this?

Market research and Identification of buyer persona

This step entails researching your business and industry to fully understand the different buyer persona at play.

Strategy definition

At this stage, we will aim to develop an effective content strategy. We will also further develop advertising and funnel strategies as we assist you in plotting your roadmap to success.

Action Plan and execution

From developing quality content to ads tailored to your business, we will create a content calendar that allows you to review every piece of content or ad before it is published.


Your designated administrator will provide you with monthly reports to keep you updated about trends with your social network as they occur. Periodic meetings for briefings can also be scheduled when needed.

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Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we provide services across Canada.

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