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IT & Security Review

Simple review of your Technology and Security
Ideal starting point if you don't know what your risk level is
$ 99
/ One-Time
  • Computers & POS systems
  • Networks & Servers
    Including Debit/Credit security
  • Wi-Fi & Customer Access
  • Includes up to 2 hour of on-site time
  • Summary report with recommendations

High Level IT & Security Review

  • Automated, complete inventory on every PC and Server in your business.  You keep both the Inventory report of every system, and the software to perform the complete report.

  • Network vulnerability scan to identify all devices on your network, include things you may not know about.  Every device is found and catalogued for your records.

  • Wi-Fi Analysis to determine risk and exposure, and measures to secure your wireless networks.

  • Review of all known issues for the software your business uses, and list of patches and fixes you can apply to keep as up to date as possible.

  •  Review of your business procedures and processes to determine if there are high value items you’re missing, or excess items you are paying for that don’t add sufficient value.

  • Consultation time to describe your business, where you’d like to take your company, and ask any questions you have related to technology.
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