Digital transformation and competitive advantage

Some companies have a better strategy than others, and some companies are more agile than others. But digital transformation is available for every company, every industry, and every organization. Digital transformation is about a company’s core business – its strategy, products, services, and how it interacts with customers.

It’s about digital technologies that enable the transformation. And it’s about business models that ensure the company is operating at its full potential. Digital transformation is not a one-time event but rather a process of continual change.

Digital transformation as a productivity tool

Offering efficient solutions is one of the most obvious ways digital transformation can provide a competitive advantage.

You don’t have to work with manufacturing to perceive the value of digital technology in improving your operations. For instance, artificial intelligence that transcribes voicemail to text could streamline your company’s administrative function. Integrating that with a CRM can make it faster and more efficient, improving and freeing up time spent on other critical activities.

Even simple sales process digitalization can save your sales force time that could’ve been used on client relationship building. The digital change increases workplace productivity by improving operations. It is a nice example of how digital change may help you get a competitive advantage.

Your staff drives your organization. Making their working conditions efficient and progressive will result in improved performance.

Networking for competitive advantage

Networking is important, but it can be extremely difficult to find the right people. Digital transformation empowers you to meet forward-thinking and like-minded peers. What if you could easily create a library of your top prospects and peers and their contact information?

By removing restrictions such as location and time, digital transformation may provide your company with before impossible-to-get prospects. You may find new partners and markets in other countries by changing your business digitally.

Branding: digital transformation in marketing

Not only will digital change improve your operations, but it will also affect your brand. The successful use of technology creates a progressive image for your business, allowing it to be seen as a modern and forward-thinking industry leader.

According to an IDG poll done in 2018, 89 percent of firms want to install digital business models. Forty-four percent of them said they did it successfully. Your digital presence is an important part of your overall brand strategy, and you must create a plan around this.

Digital transformation is not about tech

There is a significant desire among businesses to include technology to increase efficiency. But it is important to note that digital transformation is more about the transformation part than the digital one.

Technology is a tool that you can use to solve your business problems. However, it’s not the end goal. The key to success lies in how you use technology and what you choose to use. To do this, you need employees who are adept at using new technologies and those who have a deep understanding of their customers so they can create products.

Almost every new organization prepare their business plan from a technological perspective. So if you don’t want your company to stay behind, it’s time to use digital transformation to help you gain a competitive edge.

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