The Covid-19 Impact in the Digitizing of Small and Medium-Sized Companies in Canada.

It is a fact that all Canadian businesses have been tested in many ways responding to the coronavirus outbreak, affecting owners of small and medium-sized companies in a special manner. 

That being so I’ve included in this article the actual changes brought by Covid-19 and how we can remain competitive throughout digitizing solutions within this new permanent scenario: the new normal.

Were the companies ready for this pandemic?

Even though the internet was available for a couple of decades by now, before the pandemic threat we had the tendency of using in-store services, there was no urgent need to push the population into all internet facilities, thus it was a process running very slowly.

For this reason, by the moment of the lockdowns and pandemic recession, there were companies not having or using all the benefits of online branding presence, website tools, social media, etc. This type of company was the one suffering the Covid-19 crisis the most closing doors and losing years or decades of their built clientele.

Add Your Heading Text HereLasting Changes brought by Covid-19 that Affect your Company.

Changes concerning population:

1- People are staying at home more than before even after lockdown periods are ended.

2- Clients are avoiding in-store purchases and public places that can have agglomerations, including public transportation.

3- Travelers are traveling less impacting significantly airports, hotels, and tourism businesses.

4- The job seeker’s preference is slanted to Remote.

Changes concerning businesses:

1- Online Services: Facing the imminent fear of a possible return of new viruses or lockdowns most companies prioritized investing in online showrooms, delivery services, remote sales channels, and cybersecurity to protect their company and client’s growing data.

2- Remote workers: With the increment of online services remote workers are gradually becoming the new trend. Companies are going digital with their Customer Support and Help Desk, so these positions also become available as remote, among Web Development, HR Management, Project Management, etc.

3- Hiring vs. Automation: The critical scenario pressures into any action that reduces costs, accordingly, companies are opting for reducing staff, transforming their processes, and incrementing automation.

4- Improvement of Processes and Technologies: Companies now more than ever are investing in renewing their entire processes to get adapted to the new technologies to avoid staying behind the competition and possible similar challenges.

5- Online Workspaces: More and more businesses are building online workspaces, also enabling online training and meetings to gather the team in a simple way and hire Consultants from any city and location. Business training is also using e-learning tools and self-service materials that facilitate the quality of the educational process.

Things you Can Work Right Away to Remain Competitive in this New Normal.

These actions will support your business to emerge from the pandemic effects even stronger than ever.

Online branding: Many people are working from home, accessing the internet, social media, articles, and news more than ever. It is the best time to build your brand’s image. Posting relevant content and reinforcing your brand marketing on various platforms.

Website Development and E-Commerce: The pandemic has shown that website development and e-commerce are key tools to grow your company assets and sales into the highest levels without the in-store limitations. Cybersecurity is another aspect to have in mind to protect your business from cyber threats and comply with government regulations.

Business Process Improvement: It is crucial to analyze your SEO performance, HR and admin processes, data storage, sales channels, and conversion points to improve these areas getting huge benefits. In this way, a process audit will reveal potential opportunities to grow your business.

“Marketing Strategies: The global crisis has undoubtedly altered the mindsets of your clients and potential buyers. Thus, your marketing strategy should also be adjusted with a different approach to reach buyers.”
digital marketing abrisuite


I conclude that, even though many companies went bankrupt and remained speechless staring at the Covid-19 disasters, on the other hand, the wisest companies hired consulting services for their complete digital transformation, getting the most of their website development tools, adapting their processes, and recreating their online marketing strategies.

These companies are confronting crises with great success, reaching stages that they couldn’t achieve before due to their physical store limitations.

Managing a company and fighting such pandemic effects challenges, requires proven strategies to reach faster the desired stability and profit, acknowledging that out-of-the-box thinking and rush is crucial to overcome it.

Now it is time for you to take the next step, access our scheduling portal here to get a free consultation.

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